Onkruidland (ENG)

Unkrautland is a scary stretch of land that you won’t find on any map. Kobolds, magicians, witches, magical plants and all sorts of strange creatures live here – where they feel more comfortable in a full-moon night than in bright sunshine. This world of wonder is a product of Stefan’s imagination and began as a simple hobby project.

With this magical world in his mind’s eye, he started using CINEMA 4D professionally and not only found the ideal tool for his work as an architect but also for creating the imagery from his imagination. It was only a matter of time until such a project would attract attention! Schmidt Games, an established manufacturer of traditional board games, took a chance and turned Unkrautland into a puzzle – then a second and even a third.

The books to Unkrautland, of which there are already three bands, were published by Stefan himself as hardcovers but it didn’t take long for them to attract the attention of a major publisher. The Hamburg, Germany-based publisher Carlsen will soon be publishing paperback versions of Unkrautland. Readers are hungry for more and more stories about this magical land and are looking forward to all the exciting stories to come!

Stefan used CINEMA 4D to render all images for the story’s illustration. The characters and scenes were modeled using CINEMA 4D. An animated trailer that takes you on a short trip through Unkrautland is available online.

Unkrautland website: www.unkrautland.com



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